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Special Projects

Historic Preservation

The Town of Shorter is a “Town on the Move” with our eyes on a very bright future while always remembering our historic past.

The mission of the Town of Shorter and the Historic Preservation Department is to save our treasured and valuable resources; the places, landmarks (known and to be discovered), roads, like the historic Old Federal Road that runs through the heart of Shorter, and stories that define Shorter’s past, present and future for generations to come and be proud of.

As Historic Preservation Director, I work with area Universities to uncover hidden treasures in Shorter and write grants to preserve and teach our history. The Appalachian Teaching Project immediately comes to mind.


Community Development

Our Community Development Department works diligently to improve the well-being Shorter’s citizens and businesses as well as encourage development that benefits the entire community.

We also are beginning new workforce training programs in 2023 to offer ready to work training for our citizens. From forklift operator training to food and beverage services, we believe in making sure our citizens enjoy a strong quality of life plus help our existing businesses to hire locally. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Adrienne Lucas Director of Communications

Dennis Powell

Special Projects Manager
Clerk, Historian and Community Development Manager

2427 Old Federal Road
Shorter, AL 36075

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